About Us

About Us

Universal Frozen Food is a company with a long history on kosher market of New York.

Universal Frozen Food holds to brand Kosher’us and Delactable Gourmet.

We’ve been for decades serving the community, delivering top nich products in afordable prices.

Our goal is to allow all walks of society to affrod a delicious, glatt kosher and yet high quality meals every day.

Our philosophy is to use all natural ingridients, in the way your grandma would do.

Our company provides a large veriaty of products and packaging. From family packs to catering quantities and custom orders.

You can find our Pelmeni, Manty or Samosa almost at any kosher store near you.

Just ask for Pelmeni or Manty or Samosa by Kosher’us or Kreplach by Delactable Gourmet.